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There is a lot of mystery 公屋裝修 surrounding the interior design of the White House. Many articles have been written in relation to this subject but no one really knows the aspect of the hundreds of rooms belonging to the Presidential house, except for the members of the first family and the national security agents.

The interior design of the White House is subject to constant modifications as each President tries to bring an improvement to the decoration. Nevertheless, it is only the private area of the house, that is, the rooms on the top two floors that can be freely decorated. The rooms where political affairs are usually discussed occupy the ground and the first floor and they preserve the historical aspect that was created by the first Presidents of the United States.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the private section, whereas the famous Oval room, Blue room and other similar chambers are often displayed to the entire public, especially during televised transmissions. Despite the different styles of the offices, the elements of the luxuriously aristocratic style seem to prevail throughout the entire house.

Royal chandeliers, natural fabrics and Oriental or Persian rugs are the elements that may be found in the decoration of every White House room. Since changes rarely occur in the public part of the house, many furniture pieces have been preserved since the beginnings of the White House, thus there are many interior ornaments and furnishings belonging to the Victorian age.

The only elements that are frequently changed in these offices are the curtains and the draperies. The officials choose to replace these items because this is the best method to change the aspect of the room without affecting the other elements of the interior decoration. It, nevertheless, takes a lot of effort to create new curtains for the Presidential house. Decorators use satin materials to create custom made curtains that can impress even the most luxurious Presidents of the world.

The White House is an example of stylish and refined interior decoration for conservative people who would like to arrange their house in a similar manner. People who can’t afford expensive pieces of antique furniture may at least resort to one of the many fabric stores and order custom made curtains and rugs that preserve the aristocratic style worthy of Presidential houses.

It is important to identify your individual style and requirements before commencing any redecorations in your home or property. Identifying your decorating style will seriously impact on the options that are available and to the outcome of the job. When the job has started adjustments and alterations can be costly.

What is the reason for redecorating? If you are looking to update to sell your house it is advisable to think twice about choosing wild colours or print. Potential purchasers may be put off by seeing a house decorated, matching your tastes but that may be distasteful to them. New purchasers can immediately warm to a house they can see themselves in and at the same time can have a bad impression, forcing them to look elsewhere if they are not prepared to put the work in to redecorate.

Professionals are equipped with a vast range of information, experience and knowledge and will be happy to give tips and advice so that you get the best possible end product. They will offer guidance on paint, finish colours, specialist finishes and coatings. Design is individual!

Other advice when employing a time-served and high class painter and decorator in your home is to look for an experienced, local individual with accreditations. Are they registered with the Painting and Decorating Association? Members go through a rigorous vetting process and must abide by the Association’s Code of Practice ensuring customers are provided with the security and reassurance that they are using a professional company. Can they show evidence of public liability cover? This will mean they are covered should any accidents happen in your home or property.

Painting and decorating your home can be tailored to suit any budget. Wallpaper choices range vastly and expensive wallpaper does not necessarily mean a better finish. It is important to inject your personality into your home. This can be done through design or by finishes like pictures and possessions, allowing for easy alterations and updates.

Decorating accessories can be as simple as displaying books, showing signs of intelligence and can be a conversation starter. Take into consideration ordering your books in colour and height if possible; making the collection appear organised and structured, increasing sophistication.

Design choices can be complimented by flowers. Fresh, dried or pressed flowers can be used to create a focal point in your home, whilst making it friendly and welcoming. Fresh painted walls can be accented with candles, figures and other personal touches. Lighting choices will also impact hugely on the overall outcome and aesthetic appearance of your newly decorated room.

When spending money on your home or property it is critical that the finish is exactly what you require and envision. Distinctive design will turn a house into a home!

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